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4 Hidden Signs You Need Plumbing Repair

Sometimes there are obvious signs in your home that you need to call a plumber; if you have no water coming out of the tap, or if you’ve broken a pipe, those signs of needed repair are obvious. However, there are times when your plumbing needs repair behind the walls or under the floors, but you simply don’t realize there is a problem. Note four hidden signs that you may need to call a plumber for repairs at your home.

1. Your water smells or tastes rusty

This typically signals that you have rusted areas in your pipes, and the water is picking up this rust as it travels through your plumbing. Rusted pipes need to be replaced quickly, as the rust will continue to eat through and in turn, your pipes may burst. Be sure to tell the plumber which tap has the strongest smell of rust, as that’s where they’ll begin looking for problems.

2. Your water is overly aerated when it comes out of your taps

If you turn on your taps, and the water coming out is not a steady stream but is overly aerated, this can signal that you have a leak in your pipes and air is coming through. Your water shouldn’t be cloudy or bubbly when you fill a glass, so this too can be a sign that your pipes need replacing. In some cases, this could also be caused by a loose connection, but when air is getting into your plumbing, water may be leaking out. Call a plumber to inspect your pipes and replace them or the connections.

3. Your shower constantly clogs

The occasional clogged shower drain is normal, and sometimes a drain trap over the top can address this problem, keeping hair and soap scum from emptying into the drain. However, consistent clogs may signal that the water is not being directed where it should go and in turn, you may need a plumber to address problems with your pipes. He or she can also clear out any old debris that is blocking your pipes and causing consistent clogs.

4. Your water bills are too high

If your water bills cannot be explained by a rate hike or you know that your meter says you’re using more water than you actually are, you probably have a leak in your plumbing. A plumber can check areas of the home for proper water pressure and otherwise check the pipes behind the walls and under the floors. This will keep you from wasting water and correct a water leak that could be very dangerous to your home.

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Shakley Mechanical Inc. or a similar company.

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3 Most Common Boiler Problems

While there are a variety of problems that can be experienced when using a boiler system to heat your home, the fact is that most boiler problems can be traced back to just one of three common culprits. Learning to identify these culprits can help you to easily diagnosis problems with your heating system and determine whether you can correct these problems on your own, or whether you will need to contact a qualified boiler repair contractor.

Culprit #1: Air In The System

Boiler systems are designed to be closed loop systems. This means that nothing is meant to be added to or expelled from the system, including air. In fact, even a small amount of air in your boiler system can result in a variety of problems, such as banging or gurgling noises or a significant drop in pressure.

If an air bubble gets into your boiler system, this system will need to bleed until the air is successfully removed. While this is a task that can be completed by homeowners with some repair experience, novice do-it-yourself enthusiasts should leave this job to the professionals in order to avoid complicating the problem or suffering a personal injury.

Culprit #2: Lime Scale Buildup

Over time, lime scale deposits can build up inside your boiler and radiators, ultimately restricting the flow of water. This process is known as kettling. A good indication that this is the problem you are experiencing is the loud rumbling noise that typically results.

In order to remove the buildup from your boiler system and restore the proper flow of water, your boiler system will need to be flushed with a special chemical cleaner that is capable of removing lime scale deposits. This is a job that is best left to the professionals since it will require the use of specialized equipment that homeowners simply will not have access to.

Culprit #3: Your Thermostat

You may be surprised to learn that in many cases, your boiler may not be at fault for your heating problems. In fact, a large number of issues that seem to stem from your boiler may actually be coming from your thermostat. For instance, is your boiler cycling on and off when it shouldn’t? Does your boiler fail to come on when the temperature drops below you thermostat settings? Are you not getting any heat even when your boiler is on?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a thermostat issue. The good news is that thermostat issues can be resolved by simply replacing your existing thermostat. Best of all, this is a job that can be completed by just about any homeowner with basic tools.

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