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Tips for Packing Your Home

If you are packing up to put your belongings in a self-storage unit, you can use a system to make things much easier. Not only will you know exactly where everything is, but your items will also be protected from pests and breakage. Follow the packing system below to pack your storage unit in the most efficient manner possible.

Pack one room at a time

Many people have a hard time packing and they go from room to room, putting things in boxes. This will make it difficult for you to find what you want when it comes to unpacking. Instead, start with one room and don’t move on to another until that room is as packed as possible.

Make a detailed chart

Take a notepad and write down everything you put in the box. You can write “bedroom junk drawer” instead of itemizing everything in the junk drawer, as long as you know you are going to remember what was in it. When you have all the contents written down, put a number next to the contents for that box on the paper. Mark the box with a large number on all four sides.

When you are unpacking your boxes, you can look at the paper to see which box contains what you’re trying to find. Then, look for the box with that same number on it. This system will cut down on your unpacking time by a lot. Also, when you are bringing the boxes into the house, it will help you know which room to set them in.

Pack in original boxes

If you have saved a lot of boxes from items you have purchased, you should pack those items back in their original box. This way, you will be able to use the protective packaging in the box to secure the item and you know it is going to fit perfectly. Since there will usually be a picture on the box, you’ll know what’s inside it when you are unpacking.

Tape items together

Some items commonly lost in moves include cords, remote controls, keys, and other small parts that go with a bigger item. One way you can prevent this is to tape the small accessories right on the side or top of the bigger unit. An example would be to tape the remote on the TV. When you move the TV in the new location, the remote will be right there with it.

The way you pack can make all the difference to how easy it is for you to unpack. The tips above can help make for a much smoother move. For more suggestions, talk to a professional like I-70 Self Storage.

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Reviving Your Office Decor On A Budget

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking to redecorate your office but you need to adhere to a budget, then you are obviously looking for some frugal ideas. There are many ways to create an attractive office space without exceeding your budget. Here are some tips for reaching your low-cost redecorating goals:

Revive instead of replace

If the furniture in your office is starting to appear a bit shabby but replacement could cause you to go over your budget, then you might want to consider reviving existing pieces instead of replacing them. This might entail reupholstering furniture yourself instead of buying new chairs, couches, etc. If you have never reupholstered furniture before, you can easily find numerous step-by-step videos online that can guide you. Opting to pay for professional reupholstery services could possibly cost you as much or even more than replacement would. 

If you have specific questions about the reupholstery process, contact a business like R. A. Mayo Industries.

Wood furniture in need of refinishing work could also be completed by you instead of being replaced. You could take a 1-day class on refinishing, if offered in your area, or you could even search online for DIY instructions. You can save a substantial amount on your entire project by doing a great deal of it yourself. It will take more time, as well as a bit of skill, but if you’re up for the challenge you could end up spending below budget, depending on the circumstances.

Shop at thrift stores

If your office could use some new decorations to help spruce things up a bit, then you might want to consider shopping at local thrift stores. You would be surprised at the amount and the quality of decorations you can find. Furthermore, if you have some furniture that is beyond refinishing or reupholstering, then you might luck out and find some great pieces while shopping at thrift stores.

Repurposed items

Repurposed items are items that were originally used for one purpose but instead of throwing them away when they’re no longer wanted or needed, they are reused for another purpose. There are websites where you can find items that can be repurposed and used in your office, or you might even find things at your business or at your home that can be used to help rejuvenate your office. Repurposing is low-cost, or even free, and it is also eco-friendly.

As you can see, it isn’t necessary to spend a large amount of money to revive an office space. If your office is in need of reviving, there are plenty of ways to make it look as appealing as you desire while on a budget. 

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