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Tips For Establishing A Corporate Incentive Program For Your Employees

Offering some recognition to your employees for performance is a vital component to a company’s morale, and it can be a real motivator for some people. If you’re looking for ways to encourage the best possible performance from your staff, it starts with recognizing the actions of those who are not only meeting minimum expectations, but going beyond those requirements to achieve more. By rewarding those actions that you want to see from your staff, everyone knows what to strive for. Here are some tips to help you establish a recognition and reward system that will encourage your employees to succeed.

Put It All Into Perspective

The first thing you’re going to want to do when you implement a reward system like this is explain to your employees not only what you want them to achieve, but why. You may find that your employees are more eager to strive for these goals if they understand exactly how those accomplishments will better the business and how they relate to the big picture. Random recognition of a project that was successful is great, but if you want consistent productivity, you need to show your employees why it matters.

Select a Reward They Will Value

If you want your staff to appreciate the recognition, you’ve got a better chance of adding encouragement if you consider their perception of value in the process. Incentive programs and reward systems that include monetary compensation are great, but they don’t give workers something they can display as evidence of their achievement.

The best way to give your employees something tangible that represents their achievement is to invest in corporate award plaques that can be hung on office or cubicle walls. That way, even if the employee decides to bring it home, it’s a permanent display of their success. You can even include a cash award such as a bonus payment with the plaque, but by providing a plaque or similar award, the employee will have something that always reminds them of what they achieved. This can often encourage others to strive for the same.

Whether you decide to give out plaques, statues, gifts or other things, recognizing success and achievement among your employees is vital to showing them that you value their efforts. If you want to help improve morale and the overall corporate culture in your company, establish a recognition program like this for your staff. Work with a corporate award supplier to order plaques on an as-needed basis; that way you can have them personalized for each recipient.

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IT Department Overrun With Work? Consider Temporary Employees

If the IT (information technology) department in your business is overrun with work, you may be considering letting your current employees take the brunt of the work, or hiring new employees to take care of the overload. If you think the extra work is not going to last long, you can hire temporary employees. To do this, you can hire a temporary staffing agency. To make hiring temporary employees go well for you, it is important that you choose the right agency. You can also find the employees on your own if you do not have the budget to pay an agency. 

Use a Staffing Agency

When choosing a staffing agency (such as BIRK Staffing & Technical Services) to find the temporary employees your business needs, you should make sure they can offer you the following:

  • Your industry:  The staffing agency should be able to provide you with employees that specialize in your industry, and have the right skill sets. There are some staffing agencies that deal solely with IT professionals that can work in all levels of your IT department.
  • Description of position: To hire the right kind of temporary employees, it is crucial that the job description is right. The agency may send someone out to your business so they can gain knowledge of what the position entails. The position description should include how much experience is needed, and the skill sets required, such as taking help desk calls, programmer, and network engineer.
  • Turnaround time: It takes time to find suitable employees for the position you have. For this reason, make sure you tell the staffing agency when you need the employee to start working. This not only make it easier on the agency but also gives them more time to find you an appropriate temporary employee.
  • Availability: The staffing agency should be easy to get a hold of at any time. If you call and are constantly put on hold for long periods of time, or if they do not return your calls, this is not a good sign.

Find Employees on Your Own

You can find temporary employees on your own if needed. Once you have the job description, you need to advertise the position. Put it in your local newspaper, or hang up flyers in areas around your city. There are also many online job sites you can post your job advertisement to.

One of the best ways to find temporary staffing is to speak with your current employees. They may have friends that work in the same field who need a job. This is beneficial because the temporary employee already has a good reference.

Make sure you know the proper paperwork to file. For example, you will need to include a W-4, and a temporary employment contract. This contract needs to be legal and binding so you may want to hire an attorney to write it up for you.

Following these tips should allow you to hire the right temporary employees for your business. You should know, however, that when hiring temporary employees there are certain guidelines you have to follow.

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