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Your Car Battery: When It’s Time for a Replacement

The battery in your car is the heart and soul of your vehicle and helps to keep it running smoothly. If your car battery dies, you are not able to go anywhere, so it’s important to monitor your battery’s condition and replace it when necessary. Sometimes it’s not always easy to tell when a car battery is about to go out, unless you have a newer model vehicle that can alert you in advance. So how can you know if it’s time for a battery replacement? Read on to learn more.

Start-up Issues

If you notice that your car is having issues starting quickly or it feels like you have to turn the key several times before it revs up, there may be a battery issue. You might also notice a slight “rumbling” or “rurring” sound when you start your car up. This sound is often an indicator that the battery is close to being completely drained. 

Odd Smell

You might notice a pungent, rotten egg like smell emanating from your car. This is actually the smell of sulfur that is found inside car batteries as it burns. If a battery is leaking, the sulfur can come out, make contact with the battery leads, and heat up, which causes the horrible odor. A leaking car battery should be replaced immediately due to the risk of fire, so be alert when it comes to discovering any odd smells.


While every car is different, the average life span of your car battery should be around three years, and at the maximum, five years. If it’s been over three years since you’ve last had a new battery installed, it’s most likely time for a new one. Many local auto parts stores offer free testing of car batteries to determine how much life is left. You should take advantage of this and have yours tested to determine if it’s time for a replacement.


If you pop the hood and notice that the case around your battery looks bloated or swollen, it’s time to get a new one. Usually this is due to excessive heat either from the engine or from just being in a generally hot climate. Too much heat will damage a car battery, and an expanded case runs the risk of an explosion. Definitely get a new car battery if you notice this happening in order to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. 

For your auto battery needs, visit a service in your area like Battery Tree.

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When Eight-Legged Creatures Have You Running For The Hills – Spider Removal Tips

Many people fear spiders, especially if they are crawling around the exterior of your home in great numbers, with some occasionally getting indoors. If you have a rampant spider problem around and inside your home, you will want to be diligent in removing them so you can enjoy walking around your home without being scared. Here are some spider removal tips to try to help remove and deter them from your home.

Do A Deep Clean

Spiders tend to like messier places to hide in while they wait for insects to prey upon. You don’t seem to find spiders in cleaner homes because they are easily noticed and they can be whisked away quickly without having to battle items in the way to get to them. To remove both the insects and spiders from your home, remove clutter where they tend to hide. Do a deep clean of your home to remove all crumbs and areas where spiders can build webs upon. 

Look For Entryways

To keep spiders out of your home, walk around the perimeter of the exterior of your house and look for cracks or crevices where they can squeeze themselves into. Since spiders are small, you will need to look very closely for holes and separated areas of siding. Use caulk or expandable foam to fill these areas in. Fix any rips in screens and place door sweeps on the bottoms of your doors to help keep spiders on the outside.

Spray Corners

Use a mixture of vinegar and water to help keep spiders from staying in your home. Spiders dislike the smell of vinegar. Place equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray in areas where you have seen spiders in the past. This spray also doubles as a great cleaning agent. Peppermint oil is another scent spiders stay away from. You can add a few drops to your vinegar spray or use it alone. It will help keep your home smelling fresh as well!

Try Some Traps

Glue boards are a great trap when battling spiders. Place a few of them underneath sinks, near heating vents or in corners where spiders like to hide. A spider will become trapped in the glue if they try to walk across the board, making it easy to dispose of them after they have perished. These boards are non-toxic, making them a good choice in a home with pets or small children.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Spiders will hide in vegetation in your yard, such as bushes or plants with large leaves. Keep your plants and lawn trimmed to help keep spiders from hiding near your home. Spiders also hide in barbecues, lawn furniture and outdoor children’s toys. Make it a point to wash down all patio and lawn items weekly to remove any webs and hidden spiders. Trim back trees to help make your yard a bit sunnier. Spiders stay away from warm, sunny areas. They do stay near outdoor lighting in night-time hours though, because lighting attracts insects they can feed upon. Opt to keep your lights off if you do not want to attract spiders.

If you still continue to have trouble with spiders or other pests, contact a reliable pest control service in your area.

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