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Finding Your Place In A New Retirement Center

Your home has become too much to maintain and you’ve decided to move to an assisted living facility. Moving to a retirement center is much like moving to a new neighborhood. It takes time to meet new people and find the niche in which you’re comfortable. Here are some suggestions as to how to settle into your new home and begin to develop a new circle of friends.

1. Get involved in any residents meetings.

Some facilities hold meetings between the administration and the residents to review upcoming changes and to discuss any concerns. This is a good way to see who are the vocal members of the community and what specific concerns the residents share. You’ll also get a sense of the relationship between the administrative staff and the residents.

2. Attend classes sponsored by the retirement facility.

The center may bring in experts to hold classes on a number of topics. Some of the residents may even facilitate classes on topics for which they are passionate. Sign up for classes on topics that interest you and you’ll meet other residents that share your passions. Extend yourself and attend some classes completely foreign to you. You might be surprised to make friends with some new people who admire your willingness to try something new.

3. Offer to teach a class on a familiar topic.

As a class facilitator, you’ll get to interact with your neighbors in a different way. You’ll discover the people who really enjoy learning and those who are just filling time. You’ll also develop the reputation with some people as a person who contributes to the community and doesn’t just participate.

4. Become a resident expert and share your skills.

You likely have developed expertise in an area that can help the other residents. You can hold a general class on the topic, but consider offering one-on-one sessions with people or a weekly question and answer session. Topics such as managing a financial portfolio or dealing with real estate issues may be on the minds of several residents. You can become a helpful resource to your new neighborhood.

5. Mentor new residents as they settle in.

By taking these steps, in a short time, you’ll find a way to fit into the retirement center. You’ll then have valuable experience with which you can help others just moving in. Offer to help new people get oriented to the facility. You’ll quickly meet the new people and have the opportunity to expand your circle of friends. Contact a local assisted living center, like Grace Assisted Living, for more information.

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4 Questions To Consider When Purchasing A Copier For Your Business

If you need a copier for your business, you need to make sure that you ask yourself the four questions below before you go shopping so that you purchase one that really fits your needs.

1. How Many Copies Do I Make In A Month?

Copy machines are made to handle different work loads. The first thing you need to determine is how many copies you expect your copier to be able to put out every month effectively and without breaking down on you.

If you have a small office, you probably only need a low-volume, small personal copier. If you have a larger business, you most likely need to purchase a business copier. If you copy thousands of documents every day, you may need to look into commercial copiers. 

As you go up from personal copiers to business copiers to commercial copiers, expect to see the price increase.

2. At What Speed Can It Produce Copies?

Next you need to consider your work environment and what speed of copier that you need. If you are generally making copies for yourself and no one is waiting on getting them from you, a slower copier speed will work just fine.

However, if you are constantly making copies for other employees and customers who are waiting on you, you need to invest in a copier that works quickly. You also need to make sure that the paper feed option works for your needs as well; a top-feed paper tray is best when you need fast copies.

3. Is A Color Copy Option Necessary?

You also need to consider if you need a color copier. Color copiers use more toner and transfer units than black and white copiers, and thus cost more to operate. If you only need color copies produced once or month or so, it may be more affordable to send those jobs to a printer and just purchase a black and white printer for office use.

However, if you need to make color copies on a daily basis, it will be worthwhile to invest in a color copier.

4. What Type Of Warranty Is Included?

When you get beyond basic home printer/copier combination machines, large copy machines require maintenance and even need repairs from time to time. If you are investing in a large or expensive printer, make sure that it comes with a warranty that covers replacement parts and labor for a reasonable amount of time.

Use your answers to the four questions above to help guide you to a copier that fits your specific business needs without breaking your budget. Remember, you don’t need the fanciest copier on the market, you need the one that will best fit your specific business needs. Speak with professionals like Lafayette Business Machines Inc. for more information.

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I love Italian Food, I grew up with a mother who would make her own pasta and taught me how to cook correctly. My husband Benjamin on the other hand, loves Mexican. While many would argue that Spanish and Italian are similar when it comes to language, when it comes to food it's a whole different story. I like things that he considers “bland” and he likes things I think should be thrown away. Like any couple we decided to start competing to see who made the best food. Our neighbors have not only taken sides, but have encouraged us to start a restaurant for the indecisive couples. I'm learning all about businesses here and popular solutions to problems.

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