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6 Things To Know About Your New Place Before You Relocate

Are you being relocated for work, a relationship, or some other reason? Perhaps your rental situation is much different than what it once was. This means that you need to make yourself more aware of problems before they even arise. Here are a few things to be aware of when you relocate to a new home or apartment:

1. There may be hidden fees.

It is important to make yourself aware of penalties and potential hidden fees. The best way to do this is to read your contract thoroughly before actually signing it. You may even want to have a lawyer read it first.

2. Security may not be up to your standards.

It is important that you ask about any security concerns you may have regarding your new home. Are there safety precautions taken by management? What reasonable accommodations are you allowed to make on your own? Some landlords are fine with the addition of a security screen, for instance.

3. You may not have the ability to become as comfortable as you want.

You need to ask this question to ensure that you do not end up with a huge bill at the end of your stay. Are you allowed to paint? Are you allowed to put holes in the wall to hang up paintings? If feeling at home is important to you, it is essential that you discuss what changes your landlord is okay with.

4. Your rent may not include all utilities.

You need to assess whether your rent is going to cover utilities, including trash collection, water, and gas. Some apartments cover sewer, water, and gas, you may be on your own for electric. It’s never nice to discover that you won’t have lights for a few days because you didn’t realize you needed to set up an account in your new location.

5. Your landlord may not pay for everything to be fixed.

In some cases, those stains on the carpet are of no significance to your landlord. You may simply have to live with it. Additionally, you may find yourself spending more to fix items if you don’t make arrangements ahead of time.

6. You may not be able to park all your vehicles.

If you are relocating to a city, parking may be limited. Even if it is not limited, you still need to ask if you will be required to pay for a parking permit.

No matter where you choose to move, you need to protect yourself. You have options, and relocating should not put you in a position where you feel powerless. Contact a relocation service for more help.

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Have A Boat Or Jet Skit To Store: What To Know

Do you have a watercraft like a boat or jet skis that you plan on putting in storage for the winter, and you aren’t sure what to do before you lease a unit? There are some things to do to protect the value of the watercraft and to make sure that it’s in the same condition when you get it out of storage.  Locate a storage facility that can accommodate the size of your watercraft, and that has doors that lock with locking devices like cylinder locks. Units that only use padlocks are easy for thieves to get into. Here are some things you’ll want to do before locking up for the winter.   

Replace and Top Fluids

Fluids are going to break down over time, and leaving dirty and used oil and other fluids in the engine can do damage. You want to have the machines tuned up so you don’t have to worry about corrosion, and so dilution isn’t a problem. If the fluids aren’t topped off then condensation can occur when the temperatures change, and then the fluids get diluted and don’t work properly. You should also add a liquid fuel stabilizer.   

Remove the Battery

The battery will go dead in cold temperatures and over time, so take the time to remove it and take it to your home. Leave it somewhere that will also be room temperature so you don’t have to worry about it going dead, and hook it up to a charger before you put it back in.

Wrap or Cover 

Get a wrap or cover the boat so you don’t have rodents wandering around the interior, or other pests that may get into the units. This will also prevent dust from staining the interior or causing other problems. You should have a cover for when you leave your boat anywhere to protect from weathering damage, and that cover will do.  If you only need a 6-month lease for the boat then find a storage facility that doesn’t make you sign a 1-year lease. Most units will require you to put down the first months storage fee, along with a deposit or the last months fee. Make sure you know the terms of the agreement and who will all have access to your unit. Storing your boat or jet ski at a self-storage facility is a great way to protect it when it isn’t in the water.  

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I love Italian Food, I grew up with a mother who would make her own pasta and taught me how to cook correctly. My husband Benjamin on the other hand, loves Mexican. While many would argue that Spanish and Italian are similar when it comes to language, when it comes to food it's a whole different story. I like things that he considers “bland” and he likes things I think should be thrown away. Like any couple we decided to start competing to see who made the best food. Our neighbors have not only taken sides, but have encouraged us to start a restaurant for the indecisive couples. I'm learning all about businesses here and popular solutions to problems.

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