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Three Ways Laptop Props Can Assist You When You Are Working From Home

Working from home has its benefits, the best of which is having more flexibility to manage your time and issues with family. However, a laptop may not always cooperate with the places you choose to sit and work. Laptop props can help. Here are three ways in which laptop props can assist you when you are working from home.

Working While Watching TV in the Family Room

If you have to supervise what your kids are watching on TV, then you probably find yourself frequently working in the family room, TV room or living room. While a laptop is supposed to be a lightweight computer small enough to perch on your lap, these devices are not “one-size-fits-all” laps. If you have to tip the screen at odd angles or find yourself constantly sitting in odd positions just to see your screen while you supervise your kids’ television viewing habits, then what you could use is a laptop prop on a lap desk. Not only does the lap desk elevate the laptop to a more comfortable height, but the prop pushes the screen and keyboard surface up into a more comfortable position for viewing and typing.

Working in Bed Late at Night

Traveling business executives often find themselves working late at night from their hotel beds. Even though you work from home, you probably spend some time working on your laptop while in bed, either in the early morning when you wake up or late at night. If you are sick but have to complete a project, you probably also work on your laptop while you are in bed. In this case, a laptop prop in the form of a bedside table on wheels is especially useful. Like a hospital bedside table, it rolls in sideways to let you place your laptop on the table. The table itself adjusts for height, so even in bed you are able to comfortably type. Some of these laptop prop tables even have a pivoting table rest that tilts up several degrees so that you can position the laptop’s screen and keyboard right where you want them.

Working at a Table or Desk That Is the Wrong Height

Sometimes you move your work space and laptop to another table or desk in the house. While this may be convenient for multi-tasking, it usually is not that convenient with regards to height. Not all kitchen tables or desks are the same height, and you may find that you need to sit lower or higher to use your laptop. You may also find that the available chairs in your house make it difficult to sit at the right height with the table or desk you decide to use. A laptop prop that snaps onto the back of the laptop’s hinge can help manipulate the height of your device so that you can complete your work without distractions or having to move to another location in the house. Contact a company like Props America for more info.

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Four Reasons To Sell Model Home Furniture Packages

When you walk into a model home versus a residence that is being lived in, one of the first things that you will notice is less clutter. Clients will often love the look of a model home, but upon purchasing the home, feel that their model looks different. The biggest reason for this is that they will bring in more furnishing, appliances, and items than they truly need. If you want to help make clients happy with their home purchases, selling model furniture packages can be a good place to start. Here are four reasons this is likely to be a successful venture. 

Less work equals happier clients

There is nothing more difficult than walking through a furniture store for the larger portion of an entire day. Attempting to match furniture, figure out which furniture matches which room, and decide on things as a family can be a big project. If you sell packages of furniture for both rooms, and for the entire home, you make life easier on clients. Offer several different shades of the same type of furnishings in order to meet different color schemes, but make the selection process easier. 

They will come to you for further needs

If your clients purchase a residential furniture package from you and decide later on that they would like to add another desk or end table, they will come directly to you for furniture. They know that you are not attempting to oversell furniture and they will trust that you have items to match the prior package. Repeat customers and good word of mouth is what will grow your business tenfold. 

Clients can concentrate on particular pieces

With the major furnishings of beds, couches, and tables taken care of, your clients will have the eye and the energy to look for the perfect small pieces, such as art, picture frames, lamps, and other knick-knacks that make a house a home. After the model home furniture package is settled, the clients will be able to look around your store and select smaller items that give their home joy. 

Delivery is made easier

If you and your staff know exactly what is inside of a selected furniture package, being able to package up the items and deliver them in their entirety is much easier. This means that getting furniture to your customer is a quick and financially efficient project. Anything that makes running your business faster makes you more money. Being able to operate quickly will also aid in every clients move becoming a much more pleasant event. 

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