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3 Ways To Use Paper To Decorate For A Party

If you are stuck on how to decorate for a party on a low budget, look no further than your local paper store. There are so many ways you can decorate for an event using paper and some standard craft supplies. The following are a few examples to consider: 

Images Printed On Card Stock

One easy an inexpensive way to decorate for a party is to print out color images on card stock, cut them out, and use them for decorations for your party. You can use these images on the walls, in the windows, or adding them to table centerpieces. This is especially useful for children’s parties if the party decoration theme you want to use is not easily found in stores. You can find the images of a character or theme that match your party design, print them out at home or at a copy store, and use them in your decorating.

Tissue Flowers

Tissue flowers are ideal for beautiful party decorations, especially if your budget is limited. You only need some tissue paper in various colors to make pretty tissue flowers. You can also make flowers in just one color if you prefer.

Lay the tissue paper flat on a surface. If you are using multiple colors, lay one sheet of each color on top of each other. If you want smaller flowers, cut the paper in half so that you have two long, narrow sections. You do not need to cut the paper for larger flowers.

Using one of the short ends of the paper, begin folding the paper accordion style. Fold in small sections back and forth until you have folded all of the tissue. Next, use a pipe cleaner to secure the accordion in the center. Fold the accordion in half.

Begin unfolding each side of the accordion. Fluff each side of it until it is full enough for your liking. If you want rounded petals, take some scissors and round the corners of each petal. You can then display your flowers in a vase, on tables, or even hang them from the ceiling using monofilament. 

Party Backdrop

A very simple yet bold statement for any party is a beautiful backdrop. You can very easily make one with some paper that is normally used for school bulletin boards. You can purchase this in a variety of lengths at a school supply store or paper supply business.

For your backdrop, you will need some bulletin board paper in your chosen length and width, based on how tall and wide you want your backdrop. You may also want to use a variety of colors. Cut the paper into thin strips for the entire length of the paper except for the very top edge. You will then have a cascade of paper strips. You can leave them as is or you can fold them accordion style. This will result in a crinkling effect that will provide you with more dimensions in your backdrop.

Using paper to make your own party decorations is a very inexpensive and creative way to decorate for a party. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can have the best party on the block!

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3 Ways Investing In Mobile Shredding Can Save Your Company Money

Throughout the course of a normal business day, your employees likely generate a significant number of papers. Many of these documents contain sensitive information that your company wants to protect. To prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands, many companies choose to invest in shredding services. Hiring a mobile shredding company might seem costly, but it can actually save your company money in the long run.

Here are three ways that investing in mobile shredding can be cost-effective in the future.

1. Mobile shredding frees up employee time.

If you think that you can just have an employee spend his or her time shredding documents containing sensitive information, you may end up spending more than you bargained for. It can take a significant amount of time to shred documents properly, and this is time that your employees could be spending on more productive business tasks.

By investing in mobile shredding, you will pay a flat fee for your shredding projects rather than paying by the hour. This can reduce the cost of shredding your business documents over time.

2. Mobile shredding eliminates equipment costs.

In order to properly shred documents containing sensitive information, you need access to the proper equipment. Purchasing a shredding machine can take a toll on your company’s budget, especially if you will only be using the shredder on an occasional basis.

Investing in the services of a mobile shredding company allows you to take advantage of their equipment instead of purchasing your own. This eliminates the need for your company to absorb the overhead expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining an industrial paper shredding machine in the future.

3. Mobile shredding reduces recycling pick-up costs.

Once you have shredded business documents containing sensitive information, you must dispose of the shredded paper. Recycling shredded paper can be a great way to help reduce landfill waste, but partnering with a company that provides recycling pick-up services can be costly.

Even if you already have a contract in place with a recycling company, you can expect to pay an additional $2.50 to $7.50 per bin for going over your contractual limit. Since shredded paper takes up more space than regular sheets, you can easily rack up recycling charges when shredding your business documents. Allowing a mobile shredding company to handle the disposal of shredded paper eliminates the need for your company to pay for additional recycling pick-up costs.

Keep your business information private and help your company save money by investing in mobile shredding services in the future. Click here for additional reading.

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