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Tips For Adoptive Parents: How To Use Positive Language From The Get-Go

Whether you adopted your child as an infant or added a preschooler or adolescent to your brood, it’s important to understand the role that you play when it comes to your child’s perceptions of adoption. One important aspect of parenting an adopted child is using positive language that highlights the good surrounding your child’s adoption.

Why Does Positive Language Matter?

As your child grows, they’ll look to you for clues on how to “handle” their adopted status. While some children may not struggle at all with the idea of being adopted, others may have a harder time and need a positive outlook to model.

One aspect of that positive model is language. The way you speak about your child’s adoption, as well as their birth family, will stay with your child throughout their lifetime. This means that using positive language surrounding your child’s adoption is an easy way to model the positive behaviors you’d like your child to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

What Does Positive Adoption Language Look Like?

To understand what positive adoption language looks like, it’s first important to understand how positive language helps. Positive language shows your child that adoption is just as positive and valid a way to build a family as is giving birth, and it also shows that being adopted in no way diminished who they are.

So, what are some common adoption words and phrases that may be perceived as negative and how can you add a positive spin to them? One common phrase that you’ll come across often is “real parent.” This is usually said by strangers or acquaintances when asking about your child’s birth parents, and while it’s not meant to offend, it can certainly carry some heavy implications. Instead of “real parent,” asked those around you to use “birth parent” or “biological parent.” Other common but negative phrases include “gave up for adoption,” “adopted child/parent,” and “hard-to-place” which can be substituted with “placed for adoption,” “child/parent,” and “waiting child.”

When Should You Start Talking About Adoption?

If you adopted an older child, chances are your child will bring up the adoption themselves and provide you with plenty of opportunities to talk about the process and their experience. If you adopted an infant, however, it’s up to you to lead the conversation

To normalize the process for your child, and to show them that adoption is not something to be ashamed of or to be kept as a secret, start talking about adoption from the beginning. There are plenty of books available on the subject, for those ranging in age from infant to adult, and there’s many social gatherings and meet-up groups that are focused on celebrating the joys of adoption. If you have an open adoption or you know anything about your child’s birth parents, you can even add that into the daily narrative and tell your child how special they are to have four loving parents who do what’s best for them. The earlier you start, the easier and more normalized the conversations will be.

To learn more about positive adoption language, speak with your adoption case worker, like ABBA Adoption, today. 

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5 Advantages Of Corrugated Boxes

When your company needs to ship products to customers, it is important to have a packaging solution plan. The right kind of packaging will protect your product while also being cost effective. One popular type of packaging with many advantages are corrugated boxes. Some of the benefits of using corrugated boxes to ship products include:

Sustainable Materials

More and more companies are going green, so if your business cares about the environment you may want to use corrugated boxes for all of your shipping needs. Corrugated boxes are created using a large amount of recycled material, and after a corrugated box is used for shipping purposes it can be reused or recycled. 

Durable and Protective

One of the biggest benefits of corrugated boxes is the fact that they are designed to be light-weight but still incredibly strong. The way corrugated boxes are constructed help protect products from damage during the shipping process. It is possible to coat corrugated boxes with different materials to make them water, flame, and shock resistant, so you can rest assured that your products are as secure as possible while in transport.


Corrugated boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes, including custom sizes, so you will not have a problem finding ones that are the right sizes to fit your products. You will also have the option of choosing between single, double, or triple walled corrugated boxes depending on what level of protection your product will need during shipping. You can also opt to purchase custom corrugated boxes that are printed with your company’s logo if you wish to do so. 

Low Price

The packaging materials you use to ship your products can make a big impact on the company’s bottom line, so it is important to choose the right kind. Corrugated boxes are know or their low price, making them a very cost effective option. Corrugated boxes are easy to make and made from mostly recycled materials, which helps keep their prices low.


If you’re shipping many products, you most likely have packaging equipment in your warehouse to help pack orders. Corrugated boxes can be used with many different type of taping machines and other advanced packaging equipment, so you can make a seamless change to corrugated boxes without having to overhaul or packaging operation. This will allow you to keep efficiency levels high and prevent any delays in shipping orders. 

To learn more, visit a website like

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