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Own A Home In A Historical District? Check Out These Tips For Historic Window Preservation And Repair

Caring for a historical home can be challenging because you want to avoid the replacement of its original materials whenever possible. If you live in a home that is in a historical neighborhood or district, you may be prohibited from removing original parts of the home and replacing them with newer, more modern materials. However, some repairs to your home’s windows are necessary for maintaining your home’s historical appeal and for keeping down your costs for energy. Check out these tips for historic window glass preservation and repairs.

The Historical Preservation Of Your Home’s Windows

Taking steps to repair your home’s old windows can be a lot easier than trying to repair more modern windows. Antique windows were made in such a way that each part of them could be removed and replaced instead of having to remove the entire window for making a total replacement. Some of the parts of your older windows that may need to be repaired individually to restore their historical appeal while also increasing energy efficiency include:

  • Repairing individual window panes: Removing a cracked or broken window pane is easy and can be done so that your window will still retain is its antique charm. You will need to have a new pane ready to go in. You can find everything you need to repair an individual window frame at any hardware or home improvement store.
  • Winterizing antique windows: When it comes to saving money on your energy bill, starting with your historical home’s old windows is a good place to get started. You may feel cold air coming through your older windows during winter. Installing bronze spring weather stripping to your windows can not only add to the historical beauty of your windows, it can also work well to stop drafts from coming through. Spring bronze weather stripping is sold at most home improvement and hardware stores.
  • When antique windows stop opening: If you old windows are painted shut, you can remove the paint and they will easily open and close again. However, in some cases, if a window was opening and suddenly stopped, it could be a broken sash rope and the window in question will require re-stringing . In older windows, a sash rope works to open and close your window.  Again, you can find sash ropes at most home improvement and hardware stores.

Living in a historical home can be a wonderful experience and gives you a bird’s eye view into the past. Taking steps to learn how you can care for and maintain your home in ways that work to preserve its originality is important and can be rewarding.

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What You Need To Know When Renting A Wheelchair Van

You may need to hire a wheelchair van if you are temporarily confined to a wheelchair because you are recovering an illness or injury.  A permanently disabled person using a wheelchair may also need to hire this vehicle when their personal van is undergoing major repairs and they need to travel. In addition, if you are entertaining a guest who uses a wheelchair, you may need to hire this van to accommodate their special needs.  The beauty is that a great number of mobility dealers offer wheelchair accessible rentals for short-term or occasional use. If you want to rent this vehicle, below are some tips that will guide you during the process.

Types of rental vans available

A minivan is one of the popular wheelchair accessible vehicles in the market. It is equipped with a manual or automatic wheelchair ramp to allow the user to enter the vehicle with ease. The floors of the minivan are also lowered to enable the user to maneuver the wheelchair around. A minivan is usually suitable for transporting a single wheelchair user. Another option that is available is a full-size van that has raised doors and roofs and a wheelchair lift. This van is suitable for wheelchair users who need extra space or those that must travel with other additional medical equipment.  Rental companies also offer commercial style wheelchair vans or buses that can be used to transport multiple wheelchair users and other people at the same time.

Wheelchair size

As there are many options when it comes to wheelchair vans as described above, it is very critical to find the right one for the user.  The typical dimensions of any wheelchair van include the ramp angle, the platform width, interior height at the center and the door opening height and width. These measurements will guide you in knowing whether the wheelchair user can conveniently enter and fit in the van. You need to measure the width, the length and the height of the wheelchair user when they are seated. The best thing is to furnish the rental company with the aforementioned dimensions so that they can guide you in picking the right choice.

Renting a wheelchair accessible van is quite easy as all you need to do is make a prior reservation and submit the necessary payment. You can book the vehicle online, give the rental company a call or visit their premises. Moreover, these vehicles are equipped with a range of adaptive driving devices, such as pedal extenders and hand control, which allows a wheelchair user to drive around comfortably. In addition, a majority of rental companies also offer a surrogate driver for wheelchair users without driving licenses or those incapable of doing this on their own.  

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Tips For Adoptive Parents: How To Use Positive Language From The Get-Go

Whether you adopted your child as an infant or added a preschooler or adolescent to your brood, it’s important to understand the role that you play when it comes to your child’s perceptions of adoption. One important aspect of parenting an adopted child is using positive language that highlights the good surrounding your child’s adoption.

Why Does Positive Language Matter?

As your child grows, they’ll look to you for clues on how to “handle” their adopted status. While some children may not struggle at all with the idea of being adopted, others may have a harder time and need a positive outlook to model.

One aspect of that positive model is language. The way you speak about your child’s adoption, as well as their birth family, will stay with your child throughout their lifetime. This means that using positive language surrounding your child’s adoption is an easy way to model the positive behaviors you’d like your child to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

What Does Positive Adoption Language Look Like?

To understand what positive adoption language looks like, it’s first important to understand how positive language helps. Positive language shows your child that adoption is just as positive and valid a way to build a family as is giving birth, and it also shows that being adopted in no way diminished who they are.

So, what are some common adoption words and phrases that may be perceived as negative and how can you add a positive spin to them? One common phrase that you’ll come across often is “real parent.” This is usually said by strangers or acquaintances when asking about your child’s birth parents, and while it’s not meant to offend, it can certainly carry some heavy implications. Instead of “real parent,” asked those around you to use “birth parent” or “biological parent.” Other common but negative phrases include “gave up for adoption,” “adopted child/parent,” and “hard-to-place” which can be substituted with “placed for adoption,” “child/parent,” and “waiting child.”

When Should You Start Talking About Adoption?

If you adopted an older child, chances are your child will bring up the adoption themselves and provide you with plenty of opportunities to talk about the process and their experience. If you adopted an infant, however, it’s up to you to lead the conversation

To normalize the process for your child, and to show them that adoption is not something to be ashamed of or to be kept as a secret, start talking about adoption from the beginning. There are plenty of books available on the subject, for those ranging in age from infant to adult, and there’s many social gatherings and meet-up groups that are focused on celebrating the joys of adoption. If you have an open adoption or you know anything about your child’s birth parents, you can even add that into the daily narrative and tell your child how special they are to have four loving parents who do what’s best for them. The earlier you start, the easier and more normalized the conversations will be.

To learn more about positive adoption language, speak with your adoption case worker, like ABBA Adoption, today. 

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5 Advantages Of Corrugated Boxes

When your company needs to ship products to customers, it is important to have a packaging solution plan. The right kind of packaging will protect your product while also being cost effective. One popular type of packaging with many advantages are corrugated boxes. Some of the benefits of using corrugated boxes to ship products include:

Sustainable Materials

More and more companies are going green, so if your business cares about the environment you may want to use corrugated boxes for all of your shipping needs. Corrugated boxes are created using a large amount of recycled material, and after a corrugated box is used for shipping purposes it can be reused or recycled. 

Durable and Protective

One of the biggest benefits of corrugated boxes is the fact that they are designed to be light-weight but still incredibly strong. The way corrugated boxes are constructed help protect products from damage during the shipping process. It is possible to coat corrugated boxes with different materials to make them water, flame, and shock resistant, so you can rest assured that your products are as secure as possible while in transport.


Corrugated boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes, including custom sizes, so you will not have a problem finding ones that are the right sizes to fit your products. You will also have the option of choosing between single, double, or triple walled corrugated boxes depending on what level of protection your product will need during shipping. You can also opt to purchase custom corrugated boxes that are printed with your company’s logo if you wish to do so. 

Low Price

The packaging materials you use to ship your products can make a big impact on the company’s bottom line, so it is important to choose the right kind. Corrugated boxes are know or their low price, making them a very cost effective option. Corrugated boxes are easy to make and made from mostly recycled materials, which helps keep their prices low.


If you’re shipping many products, you most likely have packaging equipment in your warehouse to help pack orders. Corrugated boxes can be used with many different type of taping machines and other advanced packaging equipment, so you can make a seamless change to corrugated boxes without having to overhaul or packaging operation. This will allow you to keep efficiency levels high and prevent any delays in shipping orders. 

To learn more, visit a website like

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3 Ways To Use Paper To Decorate For A Party

If you are stuck on how to decorate for a party on a low budget, look no further than your local paper store. There are so many ways you can decorate for an event using paper and some standard craft supplies. The following are a few examples to consider: 

Images Printed On Card Stock

One easy an inexpensive way to decorate for a party is to print out color images on card stock, cut them out, and use them for decorations for your party. You can use these images on the walls, in the windows, or adding them to table centerpieces. This is especially useful for children’s parties if the party decoration theme you want to use is not easily found in stores. You can find the images of a character or theme that match your party design, print them out at home or at a copy store, and use them in your decorating.

Tissue Flowers

Tissue flowers are ideal for beautiful party decorations, especially if your budget is limited. You only need some tissue paper in various colors to make pretty tissue flowers. You can also make flowers in just one color if you prefer.

Lay the tissue paper flat on a surface. If you are using multiple colors, lay one sheet of each color on top of each other. If you want smaller flowers, cut the paper in half so that you have two long, narrow sections. You do not need to cut the paper for larger flowers.

Using one of the short ends of the paper, begin folding the paper accordion style. Fold in small sections back and forth until you have folded all of the tissue. Next, use a pipe cleaner to secure the accordion in the center. Fold the accordion in half.

Begin unfolding each side of the accordion. Fluff each side of it until it is full enough for your liking. If you want rounded petals, take some scissors and round the corners of each petal. You can then display your flowers in a vase, on tables, or even hang them from the ceiling using monofilament. 

Party Backdrop

A very simple yet bold statement for any party is a beautiful backdrop. You can very easily make one with some paper that is normally used for school bulletin boards. You can purchase this in a variety of lengths at a school supply store or paper supply business.

For your backdrop, you will need some bulletin board paper in your chosen length and width, based on how tall and wide you want your backdrop. You may also want to use a variety of colors. Cut the paper into thin strips for the entire length of the paper except for the very top edge. You will then have a cascade of paper strips. You can leave them as is or you can fold them accordion style. This will result in a crinkling effect that will provide you with more dimensions in your backdrop.

Using paper to make your own party decorations is a very inexpensive and creative way to decorate for a party. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can have the best party on the block!

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